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1) Endowed Bursary*

It takes an endowed gift of just over £1millon to fund a bursary in perpetuity. We will work with you and your family to establish a bursary in your name, and you will receive an annual report on the impact of your support.


2) Funded Place*

You can provide immediate and vital support by sponsoring (or helping to sponsor) a pupil all the way through the School, or from 16+. It costs approximately £146,000 to fund a five year place through the Senior School (which can be broken into an annual payment of £29,200); £142,000 for the six years at St Paul’s Juniors.

Four entry points:

1. 7+ (or 8+) entry - 10 years = £316,932

2. 11+ entry - 7 years = £199,733

3. 13+ entry - 5 years = £146,188

4. 16+ entry - 2 years = £55,896

*The above calculations are based on 2018-19 fee rates, including a 3% fee increase year on year and 10% for ‘extras’ such as educational trips, uniform, public exam fees, music lessons and travel costs.


4) Bursary Fund Donation

The School welcomes any size of donation – whether restricted to a particular type of bursary or unrestricted. They give the School the flexibility to fund however many full or partial bursaries each year that are needed. This can be given as a one off gift or as a regular gift.

For example: The total value over five years when 50 individuals give £50 monthly is £150,000 (excl. Gift Aid) and which, for a higher rate tax payer, would only cost £37.30 per month. The total value over five years when a group of 50 individuals give £150 monthly is £450,000 (excl. Gift Aid).


5) Giving to Bursaries in Groups

Giving as a group is often an affordable way of making a real difference to a boy’s life.

For example: 10 individuals/couples sponsoring a 100% two-year bursary for a 16+ candidate at St Paul’s would cost £5,600 p.a. per person.

Giving form St Paul’s Bursary Campaign as a downloadable form.

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