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June 27, 2019

St Paul’s Juniors raise over £17,000 in 3×3 Challenge

Over the Easter break, St Paul’s Juniors pupils were set a challenge that would test their entrepreneurial skills.Each boy was loaned £3 by the Parents’ Committee with the aim of growing that initial sum of money for charity.  Pupils had three weeks to raise as much money as possible through innovative and imaginative fundraising activities and the results are astonishing.

The School Council nominated all funds raised to go to FiSH. FiSH is a charity that combats loneliness and social isolation in older and vulnerable people living in Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen, enabling them to live independent and dignified lives.

By the end of the 3×3 Challenge, 199 pupils had participated, and the final figure raised was a staggering £17,472.51!  Staff have been astounded by the boys’ enthusiasm and creative fundraising efforts.

Upper Second Year pupil, Jago, reflected on his fundraising efforts: “The 3×3 Challenge is a great idea as it makes you feel good to give up your spare time to make money to give to FiSH. Much better than playing Xbox or football in the garden. It also makes me appreciate that it’s not easy to earn money, so it’s a good lesson to get off your gadget and make a difference.

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