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When Dean John Colet founded his school at the height of the European renaissance, he unusually required that pupils ‘of all nacions and countries indifferently’ be taught ‘both Laten and Greke’. Today, some five centuries later, we are fortunate to uphold this rich intellectual tradition. In the Lower Second Year, all boys study Greek mythology; in the Upper Second, Lower Third and Upper Third Years, Latin is a core part of the curriculum; moreover, in the Upper Third Year, two of our four classes begin Ancient Greek, while the other two engage more fully with Ancient History through an extended study of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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In their studies, boys are encouraged to develop a closer command of language, a deeper appreciation of words and their origins, and an understanding of how the Greeks and Romans laid the foundations of western civilisation. For those who wish to explore further, a weekly classical society, Classics Forum, allows pupils to research topics of their own choice. The department annually offers a week-long trip to the Mediterranean to visit famous classical sites such as Pompeii. In all that we do, we hope to imbue boys with intellectual rigour (a Latin word) and enthusiasm (a Greek one).

Classics Staff Members

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