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Engineering offers a unique learning experience, hugely beneficial to the development of an inquiring mind.

Creative, technical and practical

St Paul's Juniors Engineering brings together several strands of the broader school curriculum drawing on disciplines such as Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Art. A high-quality design and technology education makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of the nation.

Exceptional Facilities

St Paul's Juniors benefits from sharing exceptional multi-media workshops with the seniors, facilities not ordinarily available to prep school pupils. Taught by subject specialist staff, boys are encouraged to explore and express their creativity through design and construction. They achieve high standards of presentation and manufacture in production and outcome, often working to tight deadlines.

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All boys in the Lower Second to Upper Third Years (Years 5 - 8) learn through a combination of teacher-led projects and problem solving activities; both of which are creative and well-structured. The projects develop in complexity as the boys’ experience and understanding of materials, tools and processes develop. Boys have the opportunity to work with and learn about resistant materials, electronics, graphics and mechanisms. They sometimes work in design teams sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise in order to build cooperation and reinforce learning. They are encouraged to research, evaluate and modify their ideas to promote the development of independent thinking skills.

A selection of projects created by Lower Second to Upper Third Years, which include Labyrinths, Dragsters, Airboats, Monster Machines and Docking Stands

Engineering Staff Members

  • Photo of Sally Hamma

    Sally Hamma

    • Head of Engineering - Juniors
  • Photo of Ruth Afonso

    Ruth Afonso

  • Photo of Edward Bailey

    Edward Bailey

  • Photo of Dom Boydell

    Dom Boydell