St Paul’s Juniors / Academic

What is needed? 

For Lower Second to Upper Third pupils only...

  • An iPad with a minimum of 32GB memory and Wi-Fi. The 12.9 inch Pro is not necessary. 
  • A robust case with a built in keyboard (example Rugged iPad case or Zagg available form Amazon)
  • Small In-ear headphones.
  • A portable charger if your son is going to leave the device in school overnight. An example is: Anker Power Bank, £27.99 from Amazon.

If your son is a pupil who is in receipt of a bursary, please contact Alex Schulz in the Finance Department on for information on how the School will support the purchase of his first iPad.

The iPad must be setup and brought to school on Monday 2 September 2019. Please read the following documentation carefully.

  1. Device set-up guide- You must Install the App Intelligent Hub before you bring it into School
  2. iPads in Education agreement
  3. Current App list 2019-20
  4. Information on the use of the iPad in School

If you have any questions regarding the setup please call the IT Helpdesk on 020 8746 5482.

Further information can be found on the Parent Portal.