St Paul’s Juniors / Academic

Class music lessons involve singing, developing other basic musical skills through aural training, clapping games, action songs and simple work with percussion instruments. We also develop a listening ear, through a wide ranging variety of styles and types of music. We provide opportunities for creative development through group and individual composition projects. We have an electronic theory-learning programme which all boys experience, and those wanting to pursue this more seriously are offered advanced tuition. Boys in the Lower First, Upper First and Lower Second Years (Years 3 – 5) receive two lessons of class music per week, all others receive one lesson. Our aim is to encourage a life-long love of music and an enjoyment of the subject.

Music Staff Members

  • Photo of Andrew Casterton

    Andrew Casterton

    • Director of Music
  • Photo of Robert Corrigan

    Robert Corrigan

  • Photo of John Fisher

    John Fisher

  • Photo of Lauren Kosty

    Lauren Kosty

  • Photo of April Morgan

    April Morgan