St Paul’s Juniors / Daily life

All boys at St Paul's Juniors belong to one of our four houses: Ash, Beech, Oak or Thorn. The house system helps to foster team spirit across the School with boys being supportive of, and being supported by, their house community.

The four houses permeate the daily life of the School, from the high profile events such as sports day, where each boy’s contribution counts towards points for his house, to the weekly award of credits for good work or behaviour, which are also tallied towards house points.

We encourage boys of different age groups to get to know each other within their houses through a range of activities and competitions, which require their cooperation to achieve a common goal and which foster a sense of allegiance to their house. Captains and Vice Captains are elected from amongst the older boys to provide a positive role model for each house. It is their job to help run house meetings, which celebrate the achievements and promote the further success of their house.