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After I finished my bowl of cereal I packed my bags and thought of one of my best friends from my old school – a few tears and sniffles but then I remembered I was going to school at St Paul's Juniors!

When I arrived at school the playground was full with children playing football and cricket. Some of the monitors were out helping all the little children. It was an amazing sight. I loved seeing everybody so happy. I went into the classroom and saw a few boys eyeing the dingbat quite literally. It was two words, one on top of the other. The one on top was touch, the other was Earth. The solution was guessed by Max, it was ‘Feeling on top of the World’, which I was!


After that we went out for morning break and played football. We lost 2 -0 but were interrupted by the bell…playtimes go so quickly!

We went inside and did a timed times tables square. I got 11:28, (faster than last time) and it was good fun. Soon it was lunch time. I wasn’t used to the dining hall but it was really nice and the pods we have to go to are really cool. I had beef with roast potatoes (I counted roast potatoes as vegetables!) which was delicious, followed by dark chocolate and vanilla cake and a bowl of cut-up apple.

After lunch we had my favourite lesson: Art! We were given our PAJs, aka Personal Art Journals. We did a drawing of two bottles in different positions. When I was drawing I felt as if I was already a professional artist.

Then Miss Bartlett told us about the value this week, which was Friendship. “Yey!” I thought, “This is going to be easy!” Next, our form monitors handed out our English books for creative writing. Everybody mumbled, but I smiled. This week we were doing character descriptions of mermaids, dragons, giants or genies. I chose a dragon. I felt proud when I finished it because it was better than my first story which had only one line of description.

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In Geography we made mind maps of what we already know about rainforests. Miss Bartlett let us draw pictures and put facts in them. It was frustrating because I don’t know much about rainforests but it was still fun, and by the end of term I will know a lot more!

The last lesson of the day was music, which was a quite funny lesson because we had a funny teacher called Mr Waterson. He doesn’t look funny but he actually is. My favourite part of the lesson was when Mr Waterson made a funny joke about Quentin jumping off the piano.

At the end of the day Miss Bartlett told us our homework and gave our handwriting books out. I felt really good because I had enjoyed a whole four days at St Paul's Juniors already and it had gone really quickly.

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