St Paul’s Juniors / Daily life

Boys arrive between 8.00am and 8.20am and meet their form tutors for registration. Most mornings begin with an assembly at 8.35am in the School Hall. This is a time in which we gather together as a community to reflect on important issues in the world around us, to enjoy class or individual performances, to hear from interesting speakers and to celebrate boys’ achievements. Orchestra, choir and other musical ensembles also rehearse at this time, and when the morning assembly is for particular age groups, other boys spend time with their Form Tutors. On Friday mornings there is an assembly for Jewish boys.

There are two 35-minute lessons before the bell goes for morning break at 10.15am. Boys have time to relax and play with their friends before returning for two more lessons, starting at 10.40am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Lower First and First Year boys have games at this time.

Our lunch break is long, allowing time not only to eat a good, nutritious meal but also to take part in sports practices, rehearsals, clubs and activities, or to relax and read a book in the library.

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Boys return to their Form Tutors for afternoon registration at 1.15pm before going into afternoon lessons. Games and sports fixtures are on Tuesday and Friday afternoons for Second Year boys and on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for Third Year boys. 

School finishes at 4.00pm everyday. Depending on their age and where they live, boys travel home by car, bus, bike or on foot. Others stay on to take part in after school clubs and activities, which include swimming, aikido, fencing and running as well as drama rehearsals, informal concerts and musical performance classes.


After a busy day at school, we don’t believe in overloading boys with homework. Lower First and First Year boys normally only have a small amount of homework to reinforce the work carried out at school. As boys move up the School, they will have approximately a half an hour of homework evolving into roughly an hour and a half’s work each evening in the latter years.

For senior boys in sports teams there are some fixtures on Saturday mornings. We also run a Saturday morning drama club and there are occasional workshops, trips or rehearsals at the weekends.

The Grapevine, our weekly newsletter and bulletin, contains the diary and information for the week ahead and is distributed to parents and published on the portal.