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L1 I Pad Lesson

These Lower Firsts are researching facts about continents for their Geography lesson.

They are really enjoying having this new method of learning. Seven Guo said that he prefers it because “It’s quicker than if everyone is having to work from the board and some people finish faster than others.” Max Cooke commented: “You can search far more things independently than when you are all being led by the teacher.” Noah Thomas said “It’s more rewarding to research things that you find interesting rather than having to learn just the facts that the teacher tells you.”
Lower First have also used their iPads to extend their learning in Maths and English and for a quiz in Science. Joonsung Lee said that it’s fun practising your skills this way and that you can tell when you are making good progress. 
We will be using the iPads to take photographs of patterns in nature in our art lessons next week. We are all thrilled to have them and looking forward to using them in many more ways in the coming weeks.

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