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On Monday 16 April, our chess team competed in the national finals of the Junior Team Challenge of the National School Chess Championships held in Hertford College, Oxford. 

The boys competed against nine other regional winners and did well in this prestigious tournament. We finished second place with only half a point separating us from the winners. The team consists of four Lower Third Year boys and one Upper First Year boy in reserve. All boys represented the school well, with two members who stayed unbeaten, and one winning all his games. Well done to all the boys!

Most recent Academic news

  • Oxford Computing Challenge

    I arrived at the entrance of the building expecting a quiet room with people staring at books calculating the square root of 2.

  • Perse Coding Competition

    The Perse coding competition is a national coding challenge that required entrants to solve problems by writing algorithms in Python and other programming languages.

  • ​​Maritime Detectives

    The Upper Seconds had a great time in Portsmouth on Tuesday, where they visited the Mary Rose Museum and got the chance to handle replica Tudor artefacts in their attempt to puzzle out what they could learn about life on board a ship five hundred years ago.