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Bebras 2018

The UK BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge is designed to get students excited about computing and computational thinking. 

It is a problem-solving contest with questions inspired by topics in computer science. Our Lower Third students competed in the first round over the past few weeks and the results are here! 

There were almost 60,000 competitors from the UK in the Junior (age 10-12) category this year. Our students performed very well in comparison to other schools in the UK. The average score nationally was 66 marks but our boys achieved an average of 108. In fact, approximately two thirds of our boys finished in the top 10% nationally and will qualify to compete in the next round of the competition in early 2019; it promises to be even more challenging! 

The University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science, and Hertford College, are holding an event for top scoring pupils of the 2018 Challenge. As our students’ results were among the best in the country, our top scorers have been invited to the second stage of the Bebras Challenge, which is being held in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford in February 2019. Special congratulations are due to Henry, Sameer, Gus, Kanyin and Louis; they can be exceptionally proud of their efforts.

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