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Ygo Y 1

Thursday evening saw the inaugural Young Geographer of the Year Pop-Up Exhibition. 

For those lucky enough to make it to the event, they were treated to more than a nice biscuit or two. Some of the school’s finest posters were on display – encouraging the school community to think about what makes the Arctic so unique. The Geography team were thrilled to see so many parents, boys and staff popping in to take a look at what the boys have been creating. Many parents and staff commented on learning something new from the posters, which is great credit to the detailed research the boys put into their work. 

Ygo Y 2

An exhibition like this takes a little extra work – and it would not have been possible without the immense support from the Geography team – Mr Brooks in particular. Likewise, thank you to the Art Department for lending us their easels to display our posters. Look out for them around school if you missed the exhibition itself.

Mr Page.

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