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Lower First and Upper First French Storytelling Workshop

On Wednesday 31 January 2018, the Lower First and Upper First had a French Workshop. Everybody was involved and acted out two different fairy-tales. Here is a summery from Rahul Nigam, Luqman Mahamoud, Guy Parson, Fergus De Mestre and Akshay Raj U1M. 

I was the daddy bear and my favourite part was when the lady who ran the workshop spoke in French and when we learnt that any fairy-tale can be translated into French. I also liked the costumes. It was a fabulous French workshop!

I was a pig in the Three Little Pigs the breath-taking fairytale. I think it was a fun and enjoyable play, great for all ages. It was an astounding performance from every one. It was an amazingly fun play. I loved playing the part of a plump and jolly pig. I got to hold fantastic props and to learn more French.

We learnt about some different animals these included un lapin which means rabbit, and we learnt what a pigs was un cochon and un ours which is a bear. These were included in our two fairytales. 

I found the quiz that Madame Nolk did at the end fun because it was competitive and I learnt some new words. Sadly I didn’t get a prize for getting questions right but I enjoyed it anyway!

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