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Harrish Shivakumar U3 F

This week we are showcasing the Protest paintings that the U3rd boys finished at the end of the first half-term.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education is an important part of the art curriculum, so we wanted the boys to consider some of the social issues that are affecting people in the world today and to respond through art. To begin the project, the boys did studies of emotional hand gestures, facial expressions and the body language of protesters. Next, we did a quick survey of the history of protest art from the 18th Century to contemporary times - so that the boys might understand how iconic art affected change, and to get some ideas for their own pictures. Each boy selected one social issue as the theme for a series of collages. A detail from the collage was screen printed onto canvas board to which the boys added their own hand-painted imagery and blocks of colour to complete the picture.   

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