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Aidan Wong L3 Y

This week we are showcasing the work of the Lower 3rd boys. 

They have begun preparations for their suite of printmaking techniques – the first ones will be monotypes looking at the subject of flowers. For these drawings, the boys worked large on different coloured sugar paper, using gestural lines and marks to describe shadows and textural details.

  • Adam Ansari L3 E
  • Divyessh Thiyaharajhan L3 E
  • Elliot Ding L3 R
  • Finn Johnsson L3 P
  • Jad Farrell L3 E
  • James Sahota L3 E
  • Joseph Vaizey L3 R
  • Matthew Galea L3 E
  • Maurits Plantagie L3 Y
  • Max Swinnerton L3 C
  • Maxim Buyanovsky L3 C
  • Milo Jones L3 C
  • Oliver Ludovici L3 Y
  • Theo Hiorns L3 Y
  • Yusaf Hassan L3 C

Most recent Arts news

  • Fruits of our Labour Art show

    On Tuesday and Thursday after school, the Upper Thirds held their Private Views for the ‘Fruits of our Labour’ show, comprising mainly of oil paintings. 

  • Harry Potter Studio Tour

    What better way to spend World Book Day than with 72 Lower Second Years and 10 excitable staff on the annual trip to Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour? 

  • SPS Monologues competition

    Seven young actors from the Third Years absolutely wowed the audience this week at the SPS Monologues Competition.