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Boys With Graffiti

On Saturday November 11th, sixteen enthusiastic graffiti artists attended the SPARTA Graffiti Workshop. 

The first aspect of graffiti we learnt about were the different types of cans and their caps. There were “fat” caps and “skinny” caps. Fat caps being used to apply paint to a wider target and skinny caps for more precise work. The different types of cans have varying degrees of pressure and this affected the strength of the paint being applied. This was closely followed by a quick demonstration by Leon (the graffiti master) on how to apply the paint. It was then time for the students to demonstrate what they had learnt on their own blank canvas. Obviously, there was an element of protective clothing to be worn, namely a facemask, goggles, gloves and an apron. We began by marking out some boxes and filling them in with our chosen colours. The next stage was applying stencils over our background - which looked amazing, before we added lettering to our pieces. The idea of the lettering was to bring some meaning and life into it. Leon helped with the finishing touches to add depth and shadows to our artwork. After gossiping about each other’s masterpieces, we set them aside to dry and moved on to a group piece themed around Remembrance Sunday. Leon was coordinating the piece with our ideas playing a huge part, and it turned out to look stunning. All the colours, textures and words came together to create a very meaningful piece. The workshop was immensely entertaining and all the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I highly recommend this workshop!                                                  By Thomas L3

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