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Michael Foreman

Last Friday the 13th proved to be lucky for the Upper First Years, who heard renowned author and illustrator Michael Foreman talking to them in the afternoon.

Michael entertained the boys with his quiet storytelling, from his earliest memories during WWII to his long and illustrious career. Quentin Glaenzer (U1B) said “Michael Foreman told fantastic tales about himself and his past. It is sad that he had to live through war. My favourite tale was the toilet one. It made me laugh. His books are fantastic.”

As well as talking about his childhood and his school days, Michael highlighted particular incidents that inspired his book, such as ‘Superfrog!’, which was inspired by his teacher telling him he sang like a frog!  Jasper Gregory (U1B) added: “I have never met an author / illustrator before and to meet Michael Foreman was really exciting. He told us about how he came to write all of his books and about his little black book. He even signed books for us! It felt amazing to have him come to our school.” Jacob West (U1B) summed up the afternoon: “After showing us some of his books such as ‘General’ and ‘After the War was Over’, he kindly signed some books for us, like ‘War Boy’ and ‘Life in Pictures’. Of course none of this would have happened if Pierce Brown had not met him at a book signing in a shop and written to him to ask him to come and talk to us.”

Special thanks to Miss Bartlett for putting the afternoon together, Mrs Moore for taking the photos, and of course, to Michael himself for such a fascinating and amusing talk.

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