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The Third Years and their form teachers were privileged to hear from Lyndsey de Mestre on Thursday morning, a QC Barrister.

Lyndsey spoke with huge levels of honesty and humility to share her story from school to her current role. The audience were captivated by her anecdotes, from overcoming shyness to funny stories of high profile clients she had worked with. Lyndsey spoke at length about the key characteristics needed to make a successful Barrister and encouraged the boys to seek opportunities at their disposal whilst at SPJ. Lyndsey highlighted key events such as Thinking Breakfast, Debating Society and Politics Society as forums to develop their ability to speak up for what they believe in. Likewise, she encouraged more confident members of the community to look out for boys who may be struggling with self-esteem, to improve the community we are a part of. 

Ld M Qc2

In a wonderfully thoughtful talk, Lyndsey encouraged the boys to adhere to the school values, by giving them meaning. She added context to how they relate in the real world and gave examples of them in practice. Lyndsey’s talk was inspiring, memorable and a privilege to listen to. I am confident the boys will have left the hall with a number of powerful messages on how they can be more successful in school and beyond.

My thanks go to Lyndsey for dedicating her time to this series. Thank you.

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