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Worldwise Geography Quiz Group Photo 002

On Thursday 13 October, St Paul’s Juniors hosted a South West London World Wise Geography Quiz. 

We had over 50 boys and girls taking part from nine different schools. There were six rounds with questions like: unscramble the county where the vowels have been removed CRMRTHNSHR (answer CARMARTHANSHIRE), as well as rounds involving Ordnance Survey maps and satellite images from around the world. Our Upper Third team of Hugo Berman, Hari Collins, Sebastian Marsoner and James Trotman did well finishing in second place in their year group. Our Lower Third team of Tom Merton, Corry Traynor, Karol Dmitriew and Wentao Huang went one better finishing top in their year group. When the combined scores were added up we finished in overall first place; well done boys!

Most recent Other news

  • Christopher Represents England in the Chess Federation Squad

    Christopher U3F travelled to Greece with the English Chess Federation Squad between 19-31 October to represent England at the World Youth Chess Championships in Halkidiki, Greece.

  • Lower Third Year Enterprise Day

    On Thursday eight prospective entrepreneurs from the Lower Third Years took part in an enterprise activity with pupils from St Paul’s Girls School and Burlington Danes Academy. 

  • Poppy Appeal

    The U2 boys made beautiful poppies for the Poppy Appeal and working feverishly to keep up with demand on Saturday at open day.