St Paul’s Juniors / Pastoral Care
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Most lessons are 'home-based’, taught in the classrooms in East House by the Lower First Year Tutors (Year 3). A classroom assistant is also on hand to provide extra help, either for one to one or for small group work. Class and individual music lessons take place in the Music School, Drama in the Drama Studio, Science in the laboratories, and Computing in a computer suite. PE & Games lessons make use of facilities such as the sports hall, swimming pool and dojo. A wide variety of extracurricular activities is available, both at lunchtime and after school. These include Chess, Aikido, K'nex, and Puzzles & Games Club.

Our ‘Buddy’ system enables a boy to get to know the School and to make friends with others in different year groups, especially within his own House.

Communication with parents is a priority. There are parents' meetings with Form Tutors in the Autumn and Spring Terms, while full written reports are sent home in December and June. Interim meetings can also be arranged should the need arise.