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June 9, 2016

St Paul’s Performance Receives Critical Acclaim at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

St Paul’s return from their run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a string of accolades including praise from the national press.

The boys’ performance of Grey Matter received praise from the likes of The Sunday Times – described as an “incredible show” by reporter Mary O’Connor – while a professional critic claimed it was “one of the two most exciting plays I have seen”.

Many other publications followed suit with four-star reviews; leaving comments such as “an astute and politically engaged script” and “you cannot help but admire the guts of the schoolboys for tackling such tricky territory in such a short length of time”.

Along with the carefully-crafted script and performance, additional factors such as set design, sound and lighting were acknowledged as contributing factors to the major success of Grey Matter.

The Grey Matter team extend their thanks to the staff, parents and Paulines, old and current, who supported what proved a hugely rewarding opportunity to present Pauline drama in the public domain.

Grey Matters 2
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