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The Fourth Form course is designed to foster a love of the written word whilst developing analytical and creative skills. Pupils study many examples of challenging literature and non-fiction across a range of genres.


Pupils follow the Cambridge IGCSE courses in both English Literature (0486) and English Language (0500). The courses allow our teachers the best opportunity to offer an inspiring and challenging English education that extends well beyond the proscribed curriculum. Boys will experience the delights of in-depth textual study whilst also being encouraged to pursue their own areas of interest independently; they will hone their analytical and argumentative skills whilst also becoming thoughtful writers themselves.


The Cambridge Pre-U course offers pupils the most exciting and intellectually challenging English education available at this level. The course instils a knowledge of English literature from Chaucer to the present day and provides ample opportunities for pupils and teachers to pursue their own areas of interest. The course offers the best possible preparation for an arts-based degree, whilst also providing any pupil with vital independent learning skills as well as a bank of great literature to draw upon in later life.


Those pupils interested in pursuing their reading interests are invited to join the Junior English Society and subsequently the English Society in the Eighth Form, both of which are run by the boys themselves and offer the chance to explore literature in an informal environment. 

There are ample opportunities to write creatively and to have work published: Pandemonium showcases the work of Junior School pupils, while Areo publishes the work of those in the Eighth Form; both are edited by the boys themselves in conjunction with members of staff and offer an insight into the world of publishing as well as literature.

After St Paul's

Many Paulines have studied English at university. Some have gone on to prestigious academic careers: Dr Ben Morgan (Oxford), Dr Matthew Reynolds (Oxford), Dr Richard Serjeantson (Cambridge), Professor Henry Woudhuysen (UCL).

Some have made English the centre of their professional lives as successful actors or directors: Rory Kinnear, James Rogan, Blake Ritson, Chris Weitz. Others are established journalists: Steven Poole, Ben Walters.

English Staff Members

  • Photo of Tris Hager

    Tris Hager

    • Head of Faculty - English
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    Christian Anthony

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    Andrew Broughton

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    Matt Gardner

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    Nick Kemp

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    Judith McLaren

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    Naomi McLaughlin

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    Hannah Warner