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One of the weaknesses of the league table culture is its tendency to focus on statistics and to disregard context. We educate beyond the league tables and encourage all of our pupils to achieve their personal aims. Extra-curricular opportunities play an integral role in pupils fulfilling their potential.

Since 2008, we have not permitted our results, no matter how strong, to be released for the compilation of the August league tables in the media. We believe that raw statistics are not an accurate guide to the quality of education available in a school, and schools which would otherwise tend to top the league tables are in a unique position to take a lead in undermining them.

Once the results of any re-marks and appeals are known (usually in November), we formally publish our results here. You can access our latest published set of exam results below.


We aim to provide a fully supportive environment for our pupils receiving exam results. The culmination of many years of hard work, this can be a stressful time for boys, and we endeavour to make the process as easy as possible.

A Level/Pre-U exam results will be available on the iSAMS Pupil and Parent Portals from 7am on Thursday 16 August.  

We recommend that pupils avoid being on holiday around this time, as reallocation of university places is conducted on the same day for those who miss their offers or wish to change their destination. Universities state that it must be the pupils themselves, rather than staff or parents, who contact the universities, so we advise boys are prepared for this if necessary.

The following staff will be in School all day on 16 August to support the boys.

Mr N J Sanderson - Physics Resource Centre

Mrs S A Kirkham - Physics Head of Department Office

Mr A J Broughton - Physics Resource Centre

Mr D J Cairns - River Block: Room R10

Dr L Cereceda - Physics Lab 1

Dr S Y Field - Biology Lab 5

Mrs J E Mitchell - Physics Lab 2

Dr C N Y A Shammas - Head of Sciences Faculty Office

Mr A Sykes - Physics Lab 3

Mr S J Roberts - via email:

If pupils wish to speak to them do contact Mrs S A Kirkham ( from 8am onwards.


Enquiries about Results:

Mr Barker and Dr Fitzpatrick will be on the Chemistry floor to administer these. Further information can be found on

Throughout 16 and 17 August, Heads of Departments and University Advisers will be available to contact by email if any further information is required.

We wish all our pupils receiving exam results the very best of luck.