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If a pupil has had a Review of Marking and is still not satisfied with the result they might consider an appeal. However in general an appeal is not another (third) review of the script - the school can only appeal if it suspects that the Exam Board has got their processes wrong, or failed to follow regulations - the fact that a pupil is just one mark below a grade boundary is not a valid reason for an appeal. This year the boards have added the ground that the marking is wrong, but this has to be demonstrable and is not worth pursuing unless your teachers are confident there is a very strong case.

So in general appeals don't even get off the ground because Exam Boards usually follow the correct process properly. Indeed without a script copy the School probably wouldn't have any evidence even if the Exam Board had done something wrong. Even if the School thinks the Board have not given appropriate credit for a particular answer ("applying the mark scheme correctly" and "giving credit to appropriate answers" are part of the process Boards must follow), we would need to have a cast-iron case to present to get a paper reviewed again - the Principal Examiner is the final arbiter on what is an appropriate answer.

The rules governing appeals have recently changed and become individual to the particular board, so we would need to research in each individual case what might be suitable grounds for appeal.

So the main advice here is "don't bother to appeal after a re-mark", but if a pupil really believes there is a case they should email or talk to Mr Barker ASAP - appeals must be made within 10 days of the re-mark result arriving back in school (or if you requested a script copy alongside the re-mark pupils have 10 days from the script arriving), and appeals take several days to prepare effectively.


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