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  • Heads of Department can offer advice on whether a marking review is advisable – they will also have data on pupil's paper marks and the appropriate grade boundaries. In particular grades are more likely to go up if the mark is just below a grade boundary. A grade that teachers regard as surprisingly low may be a cause for review – but pupils should ask first and not assume that because the prediction after mocks was an A* that anything else must be an error. Also if the pupil's marks are only just above a grade boundary it is significantly more risky to go for a review, and the grade is less likely to go up.
  • Heads of Department can also comment on whether one particular paper is a better prospect for review than another, but this is often a difficult guess.
  • Occasionally Departments may be suspicious about the marking and will actively encourage a pupil to ask for a review of marking. They will usually encourage the pupil to ask for a script copy as well here to understand any issue.
  • Overall the statistics show that it is very rare that grades drop due to a review, but it is not possible to predict with certainty which reviews might cause a drop.
  • Pupils might consider getting one paper re-marked and then if necessary the other (if there is time, and not possible for Cambridge exams), but this of course delays the return of the final outcome. We have had occasions where a review of one paper would lift the grade but the second review reduces it to its original level again.
  • Mr Barker is also experienced in advising on these matters and is happy to discuss any proposal with you.


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