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The guidance we provide about options, careers and courses plays an invaluable part in the development and fulfilment of our pupils.

In their final GCSE year, students take a careers test to establish their areas of strength and possible future careers. Each student is assigned an adviser who will encourage them to research these careers and also discuss their choice of subjects for Years 12 and 13 (Eighth Form). In this way, we ensure that pupils may make a set of coherent choices, consistent with their career aspirations.

In Year 12 (Lower Eighth), students are encouraged to start thinking about their university application. The department runs a short course, explaining the process of the application. There’s then time and opportunity for individual research into universities and the courses on offer. There are eleven UK university advisers who specialise in different subject areas. In their final year, students will be assigned to one of these advisers who will be responsible for writing their UCAS reference.

In a typical year group of approximately 200, around a third accept offers from Oxford and Cambridge. Other popular destinations in the UK include Bristol, Nottingham, Warwick, Durham, UCL, LSE, Imperial and Edinburgh.

We have our own dedicated team of eleven advisers for US university applications. Each year, over 20 boys accept offers from Ivy League and comparable universities, including Chicago, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Yale.


University Destinations

Destination of 2018 Leavers

University Destinations. The most recent year for which the School has a full list of the destinations of St Paul’s leavers is 2018 since many pupils take a GAP year and apply to university after taking their A Levels.

For the 2018 leavers, 203 pupils opted to attend and took up places at universities. Out of these, 162 went to universities in the UK and 42 to universities abroad including 37 to the USA.

Of those staying in the UK, 94% (152) went on to Russell group universities, with 33% (53 pupils) entering Oxford or Cambridge.

Of those going abroad, 37 have chosen to study in the USA at Ivy League or equivalent universities; four have chosen to study in Canada.

88 out of 203 university-bound pupils who left in 2018 are studying at universities ranked within the top 10 in the QS 2018 World University Rankings. 109 out of 203 pupils who left in 2018 who went to university are studying at universities ranked within the top 20 in the QS 2018 World University Rankings.

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Neville Sanderson