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The School's policy is to encourage as much breadth as possible in the first year of A level/Pre-U study, with the great majority of pupils either opting to take four subjects or three subjects plus an EPQ. Most pupils then opt to continue with three subjects in year 13.

The results which may appear in the reference are GCSE/IGCSE Grades achieved and where relevant an EPQ grade. Predicted A/Pre-U grades are made by subject heads of department, taking into account reports of year 12 subject teachers and the results of internal exams. For pupils making a post A/Pre-U Level application, we include all final grades achieved.

NB: As there is no A level equivalent grade to D1 in the Pre-U qualification, the school operates a maximum prediction policy of D2 at Pre-U level.

Note for medical schools 

CIE 0500 IGCSE English Language – Speaking and Listening skills

All our students now study the CIE First Language English IGCSE course specification 0500, which no longer contains any compulsory speaking and listening components.  The 0500 course holds significant advantages in including a series of writing tasks in different genres, which offer excellent training in reading and writing skills that will be directly relevant to their future careers. Our medical students are articulate, fluent native speakers of English or advanced bilingual learners with the same level of fluency as a native speaker – even those who join us from overseas at the start of Yr 12.  In addition, we recognise that those applying as international students will still have to meet the IELTS requirement.  We trust that you will accept this statement as supporting evidence of the excellent speaking and listening skills of all of our applicants.

Neville Sanderson

Director of Careers and Universities

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Neville Sanderson