St Paul’s School / Daily Life

As a Fourth Former travelling to school in the morning, I look forward to the day ahead, and what it might hold. This includes interesting lessons, fun extra-curricular activities and a long lunch break, with lots to do and time to spend with your friends.

If you have no activities before school, you are registered by your tutor in your tutor group. The tutor system is excellent as it is vertical, which means that there are two or three boys from each year, so you can easily get to know and make friends with boys from other years.

In a typical day, there are eight lessons, but this can vary with double periods of a subject as well as the Fourth Form games half each Tuesday. I look forward to lessons as the focus of the teaching is to enhance our understanding of the subjects in a way that is interesting and enjoyable. My favourite subject is Chemistry as everything is connected, so you can use your knowledge and logic to work out difficult questions.

Lunchtimes are enjoyable, with a large range of activities to take part in, from sports practices and chosen clubs, to societies such as ImpSoc (Improvisation Society) where you can just turn up. On Mondays there are activities especially for the Fourth Form. Sometimes there are Inter-Club competitions, such as kwik cricket and table tennis. There is also plenty of time to catch up with friends, and this is particularly useful in the Fourth Form, as there are many new boys from different schools.

The School offers a wide variety of sports to try, including aikido, cricket, fives, golf, rackets, rowing, rugby, squash, swimming and tennis, and a large range of instruments to learn. Music lessons are during academic lessons, but there is a rotation that means you will not miss a subject more than twice each term.

I am involved in rugby, squash and tennis as well as wind orchestra, a clarinet ensemble, chapel choir and an acappella group, and my Monday activity this half term is rowing. What I like best is that the facilities at the School allow a huge variety of activities to try while meeting new people.

A typical school day at St Paul’s is packed full of interesting lessons and fun extra-curricular activities, with plenty of time to spend with friends. There is something for everyone and I really look forward to school each day.

Fourth Form Pupil