St Paul’s School / Daily Life

Three companies made up of Lower Eighth students create and run a business, going through the entire process of product development, market research, sales, marketing and financial management. At the end of the year, students compete in a series of rounds and are tested on a company report, a trade stand and a four minute presentation.

The Young Enterprise competition is organised in the Richmond and Kingston Area. Competition between schools from this area is particularly strong, and over the last five years winners from this area have also won South London, and won the London final four times, the national final three times, and come second and first in the European final.

St Paul’s achievements include:

  • 2017-18, Surelight, European and National winners, plus receivers of the "Citi Foundation Client Focus Award", with two teams members, recognised by the "JA Alumni Leadership Award"
  • 2017-18, RaySafe, Best Interview, Area Finals 
  • 2015-16, H2U – smart water bottle: Best Social Enterprise, Area Finals 
  • 2015-16, Sterling -  miniaturised top-up battery for a phone: STEM award, South London finalists 
  • 2014-15, Proteus – ClickBoard app that turns an iPhone in to a mouse: Best product, South London finalists 
  • 2013-14, Atlas – anti RFiD wallet: STEM award from NPL 
  • 2012-13, Spinnaker - a flavour-dispensing bottle cap: Best product, Area Finals 
  • 2011-12, Meta – doodle pencil case: Area Finals – best publicity 
  • 2011-12, Endeavour – Flavourz – flavoured pencil cap: London Finalists 
  • 2010-11, Summit – perfume pen: European and National Winners
  • 2004, Occasio – Rag Bag: National finalists