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Competing against hundreds of entrants from around the world, two Year 10 (Fifth form) teams made it through to the finals of the International Competition for Young Debaters. Only one other British school had a team in the top eight.

Paul Heller and Seb Kobler finished 6th, while Alex Fleming-Brown and Josh Goldstein took 7th place.

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Most recent Academic news

  • Tazeen Ahmad Talks on Refugee Crisis

    This week we welcomed Tazeen Ahmad to come in as a guest for Geography Society to give a talk and screen her documentary on the refugee crisis.

  • Christian List on Free Will

    The question of whether humans have free will is one that has divided philosophers for centuries, with compelling arguments being made by both sides as to whether we have actual choice over our actions.

  • Founders of the Future Workshop

    The school recently welcomed Founders of the Future to come in and host a tech sector workshop.