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Team Firefly

Team Firefly, the group of St Paul’s boys who have designed and built their own racing car, have progressed on to the Greenpower International Finals next month.

Team Firefly Stats

After competing in Greenpower IET Formula 24 heats at Goodwood and Dunsfold Park, Firefly Racing smashed their previous race records at the Castle Combe heat to qualify for the International Finals, to be held at Rockingham Motor Speedway on 8 October. With upgrades and improvements made to the team’s electric racing car, the three drivers covered an amazing 51.7 km (32.1 miles) in Race 2 – finishing a very impressive 18th in a strong field of 52 cars. Reaching the finals is an incredible achievement, especially in the team’s first season, and preparations are now well underway for Rockingham to hopefully finish the season in style.

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