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Team Proteus put on an impressive performance in the recent South London final and were commended by the judges.

They finished with the Best Product/Service award for their app, ClickBoard, which turns your smart phone into a mouse, and came second overall. The judges asked if two teams could go through to the London final, but it wasn’t to be.

Our two other teams, Invictus and Velotricity, both reached the Richmond and Kingston Area finals. Team Invictus, who sold SPKR, a portable music speaker that is both resistant to water and able to attach to surfaces through a suction pad, won Best Website Design and Marketing. Team Velotricity, who designed and developed the SpinDoc, a device that charges your phone as you cycle, won Best Trade Stand at the Kingston Trade Fair.

Most recent Other news

  • British Depth Studies C.500-1100 (Anglo-Saxon and Norman Britain)

    A collaboration between St Paul’s and the University of East Anglia has seen Mr Seel join forces with the High Master to write a history textbook that focusses on the English Middle Ages. 

  • Firefly at Goodwood

    After a term and a half’s worth of building, early March saw Team Firefly’s third car, FF03, ready to be tested at the legendary Goodwood.

  • Climbing in Portland

    On a sleepy Saturday morning in Portland, Dorset, the SPS Adventure Sports crew set off on their first outdoor climbing experience.