St Paul’s School / Pastoral Care

Approximately fifteen boys will join St Paul’s at the 16+ entry point. Boys in their later teenage years are often searching for values to underpin their lives and find their place and voice in society. We provide these young men with exciting academic stimulation, in an atmosphere akin to a university, and almost limitless opportunities to explore and develop their talents through extra-curricular activities.

Each boy will be allocated a tutor, who they will meet daily with their tutor group. These meetings will help boys form bonds with other across year groups and get valuable advice from boys in the ‘Upper Eighth’, who will be undergoing the university application process.

However, the Eighth Form is not just focused on exams and universities. Boys in the Eighth Form play a vital role in running the School’s societies and clubs alongside contributing to the wider community through our Voluntary Service programme and by organising and supporting charitable events.

Boarding is a popular option for boys joining at 16+ and we have many boys joining from overseas and across the UK that choose this supporting environment which allows them to concentrate on their studies during the week.

Download our handbook: Joining St Paul’s School at 16+ Information for Eighth Form 2019.

Photo of Naomi McLaughlin
Naomi McLaughlin