St Paul’s School / The Arts

Very few Paulines go straight to Drama School after leaving St Paul’s, as the majority wish to gain the security of a university degree.

However, many continue their acting or directing at university and a number have then gone into the profession, as actors (Rory Kinnear, Jamie Bamber, Jonathan Coy, Henry and Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Blake Ritson, Alan Cox, Joe Bannister, Stefano Braschi), theatre directors (Tom Attenborough, Mark Rosenblatt, Max Webster, John and Guy Retallack), film directors (Simon Curtis, Bobby Webster, James Rogan), writers (John Selwyn Gilbert), theatre critics (Dominic Cavendish), producers (Sir Michael Codron, David Aukin, Dafydd Rogers, Jamie Hendry, Charlie Dorfman), comedians (Hal Cruttenden, Nicholas Parsons) and one (Neil Austin) is an Olivier-winning lighting designer.

Photo of Christian Anthony
Christian Anthony