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January 13, 2017

Success in First Rounds of British Physics Olympiad

Upper Eighth Paulines had a spectacular run at the British Physics Olympiad, securing 17 awards in the first round of the annual event.

Seven of our pupils achieved the gold award, putting them in the top 50 nationally and giving St Paul’s some of the best results the School has ever had. Competitors who rank in the top 50 are invited to the next round in the hopes of qualifying for training camp selection and subsequently representing the country internationally in the summer.

The first round of the Olympiad, which is designed to “stretch and challenge the top young physicists in the country” according to the event organisers, took place during the autumn term with the second round due to take place at the end of January. Those who are selected for the third round take part in a presentation ceremony in April and attend the Oxford Training Camp. At the end of the camp, only five participants (plus two reserves) will go on to represent Britain in the International Physics Olympiad.

Award winners are listed below.

Tom FosterGold (Top 50)
Nicholas PalmerGold (Top 50)
Joe BentonGold (Top 50)
Lenny WellsGold (Top 50)
Lawrence TrayGold (Top 50)
Harry ArmitageGold (Top 50)
Ben YassGold (Top 50)
Hugo AaronsonSilver
Ashwin AhujaSilver
Aran VeneikBronze
Henry GriffithsBronze
Cameron SteeleBronze
Armaan KamerkarBronze
Jason KimBronze
Philip FernandesBronze
Sean LeeBronze
Kelan PatelBronze
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