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May 10, 2022

Team Firefly Returns to Racing

On Sunday, Team Firefly raced for the first time since before the pandemic. They went to Goodwood to race in the Greenpower F24 and F24+ competition. The boys did brilliantly. For many, this was their first experience of a race day.

Well done to FF03, the Fourth Form car, which finished 35th out of 84 competitors.

FF02, who competed in the F24+ (which is for 16-25 yr olds) finished 10th, earning a championship point. They compete against universities and engineering firms but were the second-best school team.

FF01 is our oldest car. It is the first car built by St Paul’s pupils and the starting point for Team Firefly. It was raced by the Fifth Form and despite some mechanical issues finished 65th out of 84.

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