Thomas Gresham Committee – SWEET-A-THON

This year’s Thomas Gresham Committee have so far raised £18,290 and for their penultimate fundraising activity, they will be running a SWEET-A-THON, which will take place in the Atrium at break and lunchtime this Friday.

For their chance to win an entire jar of sweets, all pupils and staff must do is guess the number of sweets in the jar and record their guess with the Thomas Gresham Committee, in return for a donation to the Thomas Gresham Bursary Fund of:

£1 per guess

£3 for 5 guesses

There will be a jar for each year group and one for staff. Entrants can pay by card or with cash.

Each year, the Thomas Gresham Committee, part of Pauls4All, raises money to fund a 100% bursary for the highest performing boy at 11+ entry who is in need of financial support. We hope you will encourage your sons to join in this fun event to raise money for a very worthy cause.