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June 29, 2021

UK CanSat Competition

CanSat is an annual engineering competition in which teams design and build their own satellite, which has to fit inside a standard soda can. The challenge here is fitting as much complexity as possible in the minimal space afforded by the can.

Two teams from St Paul’s recently took part in the UK CanSat competition. On launch day, the teams headed up to York with cans semi-assembled. At the venue, they were given several hours to finish testing and construction before launch. After rigorous final testing, cans were called up one by one to meet their fate- being launched 500m into the atmosphere by a Kestrel-75 rocket. Both teams successfully launched their cans and retrieved them.

Team CLASP recovered good data from the flight, and team SPASTA have test data; however, none from the flight. Both teams did amazingly well to build and test under Covid-19 restrictions with limited access to the workshop. The final judging of the competition will be based on their final report for the end of term.


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