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March 2, 2022

UK Linguistics Olympia (UKLO) Results

The results are in for this year’s United Kingdom Linguistics Olympia (UKLO). Out of the 42 pupils that sat the exam, St Paul’s won 18 medals overall: ten Bronze, six Silver and two Gold. The grade thresholds were 73% for Gold, 58% for Silver, and 44.5% for Bronze, representing the top 5%, the next 10%, and then 20% after that. Both Gold medal winners have made it through to round 2, which will take place on 16 March. There were nearly 1,500 participants nationally this year and the competition was regarded as a tough one, so they all did exceptionally well.

Shivan AroraPaul Belhomme (6)James Wilson (6)
Sandro EnukidzeCharlie White (6)Christian Bulmer
 Jack DaviesEdward Onslow
Karol DmitriewLuke Barker
Sebastian ChohhanRehman Oomer
Tommaso BailoArnav Sharma
 Shyam Thobhani (6)
 Marco Cina Rabin
 Thomas Merton
 Jack Morris (6)
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