Upper Third and Fourth Form Reading Club

Miss Dixon and Ms Cummings are getting ready packs of books to hand out to pupils from Upper Third and the Fourth Form who are joining us after Easter to discuss the books on the Carnegie Medal shortlist.

The Carnegie Medal is one of the UK’s most prestigious book awards. Judged by children’s librarians, it recognises outstanding books written for children and young people. Each year thousands of children join shadowing groups, and this year, thanks to Zoom, we have been able to start our own joint Upper Third and Fourth Form reading club.

The pupils are all keen to get started and we can’t wait to hear what they think of each of the books. And what will they nominate for the Shadower’s Choice Award?

If you are interested, please do have a look at the Carnegie Medal website, which has lots of information and activities for each of the books. Please be aware that some of these books deal with more mature content and may not be appropriate for all readers.

Written by:
Miss Dixon (Colet Library) and Ms Cummings (Kayton Library)