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November 23, 2021

Year 10 and 11 Richmond Schools Cross-Country Championships

On Thursday, 18 November, Luke Jeffries, Sol Inglis, Amir Dudhia, Max Bishop, Cameron McConnon, Hamish Chapple and Thomas Homes competed in the Year 10 and 11 Richmond Schools Cross-Country Championships.

Over a hundred boys were competing from a large number of local schools. All the boys ran incredibly well, but huge congratulations must go to Cameron McConnon, Max Bishop and Sol Inglis, who finished in 1st, 2nd and 7th place respectively and have now automatically qualified for the Middlesex Championships next term.

Fourth Form pupils, Felix Patel, Shlok Poddar and Louis Nuthal also ran in the Richmond Schools Cross Country but in the Years 8 and 9 age group.

Final placings were as follows:

Cameron McConnon (Fifth Form) – 1st place
Max Bishop (Sixth Form) – 2nd place
Sol Inglis (Sixth Form) – 7th place
Hamish Chapple (Sixth Form) – 18th place
Luke Jeffries (Fifth Form) – 19th place
Thomas Homes (Sixth Form) – 23rd place
Amir Dudhia (Fifth Form) – 41st Place

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