There is no typical Pauline. Boys who do well here are talented, possess intellectual curiosity, have interests outside the classroom, can excel by themselves or as part of a team and have energy and zest.

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Entry at age 13

This is when most boys join St Paul’s: just under a half from Colet Court and just over a half from a wide range of other prep schools. We take about 170 boys of this age each year. Parents, prep schools and pupils all have their part to play in making sure that St Paul’s is the right school for a boy.

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Entry at age 16

An opportunity to join St Paul’s for the final two years (Years 12–13, which we call our Eighth form). Boys joining us at this stage come from many different backgrounds, bringing their unique experiences to the school.

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Entry at age 7, 8 or 11

Although St Paul’s doesn’t start until age 13, you can gain entry by first joining Colet Court at age 7, 8 or 11. If you are at a state primary school, 11+ entry is the ideal way into St Paul’s, spending the first two years at Colet Court before transferring to the senior school.

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