‘Excellent’ in every respect.

St Paul’s School (including St Paul’s Juniors) was inspected in March 2017, and judged ‘excellent’ in every respect.

The inspectors found the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements ‘excellent’, stating that ‘Pupils grow into confident young adults as a direct result of the autonomy the school provides them and the highest levels of pastoral support.’

The Educational Quality Inspection report can be accessed in full here.

The Regulatory Compliance Inspection report can be accessed in full here.

The school obtained the highest rating of ‘Excellent’ in every category of attainment within the Educational Quality Inspection, which consider both academic performance and personal development, and it also met fully all the necessary requirements and standards in the Compliance Inspection. We are delighted that the inspectors recognised the exceptional quality and industry of the pupils and staff, and the support of parents, throughout St Paul’s School.
Professor Mark Bailey, High Master
The inspection ran smoothly and the boys were not in any way changed by the presence of our visitors. I am delighted that the spirit and energy I see on a daily basis, in both the pupils and the staff team, was reflected so clearly in the final report.
Maxine Shaw, Head of St Paul’s Juniors