Boys attend St Paul’s Juniors aged 7 to 13, and St Paul’s School aged 13 to 18.

Admissions at St Paul’s School and St Paul’s Juniors

St Paul’s School has been leading the way academically for over 500 years. St Paul’s School and St Paul’s Juniors are located on 45 acres of green open space on the banks of the River Thames in Barnes, London. We are academically selective schools open to all boys, regardless of their economic or social circumstance, and are proud to provide assistance with fees to the families of talented boys who otherwise could not afford private education. Boys attend St Paul’s Juniors aged 7 to 13, and St Paul’s School aged 13 to 18. Our admissions points are at 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ and 16+.

Our campus is unique amongst London schools for the on-site facilities it offers – from boat club to theatre, art gallery to cricket pitch, concert hall to engineering workshop. We encourage parents to book a tour of the school to see the range and quality of activities and facilities on offer, many of which have been recently upgraded.

Closure of pedestrian routes on Hammersmith Bridge

The school is aware of the current closure of the pedestrian routes on Hammersmith Bridge. We would like to reassure parents that we are working with multiple parties to put in place options for pupils and staff travelling from north of the river to the school site which include increasing the number of buses and laying on additional routes to collect from local stations south of the river. We will update this statement regularly.

Boys who do well at St Paul’s and St Paul’s Juniors are talented, possess intellectual curiosity, have interests outside the classroom, can excel by themselves or as part of a team.
— Andy Mayfield, Director of Admissions