Selection Procedure for 16+

Selection Procedure

Stage one: Deadline for applications and references

Applications (and UKiset results) must be received by the application deadline, late applications will not be considered. Once received, we will contact an applicant’s school for a detailed academic reference.

Stage two: Entrance Exams

All 16+ applicants are invited to sit the entrance examinations in their chosen subjects.  The examinations take place at St Paul’s School in the beginning of November.  Overseas candidates may sit the exams on the same date at their local British Council providing we give prior agreement (applicants will be responsible for making initial contact and incur any associated cost).

The exam syllabi are based on the current GCSE syllabi.  We are aware that most applicants will only be part way through their Year 11 GCSE courses or studying alternative syllabuses. The papers are designed to test analytical skills and problem solving ability more than factual recall.

All candidates also sit a problem solving paper and a critical thinking skills paper.

There will be a single paper in Mathematics.  Candidates that have selected single subject Mathematics and those who have also selected Further Mathematics with Mathematics will sit the same paper.  The paper is designed to test understanding and problem solving skills in algebra, geometry, numerical and graphical work.

There is no written examination for Art or Extended Projects.

Candidates selecting Computing, Politics or Economics may not have studied these subjects before. A detailed understanding of these subjects is not necessary, in the examinations candidates will be required to analyse and critically appraise supplied material.

No past papers are available.

The examination marks are reviewed and boys who have performed well in all their chosen subjects are invited back for interview.

Stage three: Interview

Selected applicants are interviewed by the subject Heads of Department or senior teaching staff in each of their chosen subjects. Interviews take place at St Paul’s on a Saturday toward the end of November. No exceptions can be made to the date or location of the interview.

Candidates wishing to:

Board – will be interviewed by the House Master and given a tour of the boarding house

Study Art – will be required to bring a portfolio of their recent work for inspection

Study Engineering – will be asked to bring any design work they have completed

Study Music – will have the opportunity to perform a short piece of music on their main instrument

Stage four: Offers

Places are offered to candidates who, in all stages of the Admissions process, demonstrate scholarship, can comfortably meet the high academic standards of the school and are likely to make a notable contribution to school life. Candidates are notified on 1 December.

Offers are conditional on GCSE (or IGCSE) grades. Candidates are expected to achieve at least eight passes including English and Mathematics, all at grade 7 or above and at least six should be grade 8 or 9, with no more than one grade 6.

Overseas candidates whose schools do not offer GCSEs will be required to achieve equivalent results in their public examinations.

For more details about the 16+ application process or for further advice, please email the Registrar.