Virtual Events – Recorded Events

The St Paul’s Community Events programme provides our community access to interesting speakers, social occasions and an immense network.

During this period of lockdown please join us for our Virtual Events Programme. Recordings of virtual events will be posted to this page after the event has taken place.

The views, information, or opinions expressed are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of St Paul’s School and its employees. The webinars are available for private, non-commercial use only – you may not edit, modify or redistribute.

Please visit our Events page for details of all upcoming virtual events.


SPARTA: Strangeness, Uncertainty & Beauty – Cornelia Parker OBE, RA
SPARTA: From Hell to Paradise: Dante’s Timeless Journey

Cotter Cruickshank Lecture

Cotter Cruickshank Lecture - The Classics and the Man of Law, with the Rt Hon Sir David Bean, OP, hosted by Katy Waterfield, Head of Classics

Pauline Perspectives

Pauline Perspectives VI - “Free speech trumps all: Twitter tantrums should be tolerated, not terminated”

Topical Tuesdays

Topical Tuesdays – Trustworthy AI with Dr Adrian Weller OP, hosted by the High Master
Topical Tuesdays – COVID-19: From the Frontline with Dr Matthew Barnard OP, St Bartholomew’s Hospital
Topical Tuesday: In conversation with Rory Kinnear OP, hosted by Daniel Pirrie, Head of Faculty - Creative Arts
Topical Tuesdays, "Soldiers and Scholars: Uncovering the Stories of OPs in the Ypres Salient 1914 – 1918" with Graham Seel, hosted by the High Master
Topical Tuesdays, "When Science meets Politics" with Sir Mark Walport, hosted by the High Master
Topical Tuesdays, "Is Trump Toast?" with Mark Lobel, BBC, hosted by the High Master
Topical Tuesdays, "Pandemics: Lessons from History" with Professor Mark Bailey, hosted by the High Master
Topical Tuesdays, "Save Generation Covid" with Sacha Deshmukh OP (1987-92), CEO of Unicef UK, hosted by the High Master
Topical Tuesdays, "Reporting the Pandemic" with Natasha Loder, The Economist. Hosted by the High Master.
Topical Tuesdays, "Is Boris Johnson getting found out?" with Philip Collins, The Times. Hosted by the High Master.

Science Series

Science Series - Beyond the Heaviside Layer: an introduction to the near space environment, with Dr Carlos Gane
How to build a TARDIS - Dr Stephen Patterson
The Discovery of Super Heavy Elements - Dr Ben Still
Black Holes at the LHC: The end of the world as we Know it? - Dr Ryan Buckingham
The Secret of Ghosts: How neutrinos may hold the key to creation - Dr Ben Still

History Talks

The Boundless Sea: A Human History of the Oceans with David Abulafia OP

Professional Networks

Medical Network
Law Network

Spotlight on Sport

Spotlight on Sport: Rowing Panel
Spotlight on Sport: Public Sporting Events

Community and Social Series

Wine Tasting with Master of Wine, Beverley Blanning