Academic Scholarships

St Paul’s School offers a number of honorary Academic Scholarships annually.

St Paul’s School Academic Scholarships at 13+

For external candidates entering at 13+, the scholarship examination is held annually in May.  Candidates must have successfully completed the 13+ admission process and have been made and accepted a conditional Main List offer. Candidates must also be under 14 on 1 September following the examination. Boys who do not win an award will have their conditional place confirmed on the basis of their Scholarship papers.

Compulsory papers are set in English, History, Geography, Latin, French, Theology & Philosophy, Mathematics and Science. There is an optional paper in Greek and candidates are encouraged to sit it if they have reached a reasonable standard.

For pupils from St Paul’s Juniors, 13+ Scholarships are awarded on the basis of their work in Year 7 and 8 and their end of year exams.

About 30 scholarships are awarded each year in total between pupils from St Paul’s Juniors and external candidates. Academic Scholarships are retained until the end of a pupil’s career at St Paul’s, subject to good work and conduct.

All Academic Scholarships are honorary and worth £60, which many families put towards book costs.

Examples of 2016 scholarship examination papers:

Biology paper

Chemistry paper

English paper

French paper

Geography paper

Geography paper insert

Greek paper

History paper

Latin paper

Mathematics paper

Physics paper

From 2020 the syllabus for Theology and Philosophy paper has changed. A sample paper is available.

St Paul’s School Academic Scholarships at 17+

Academic Scholarships worth £60 per annum are awarded for the final year (the Upper Eighth) on the basis of work throughout the Lower Eighth year.  All boys are automatically considered for these awards. No new Academic Scholarships are awarded at 16+.

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