Working in partnership to develop the skills of enterprise

St Paul’s has been a seedbed for entrepreneurs, from Sir Thomas Gresham in the 16th century to Sir Lloyd Dorfman CBE (Travelex), Saul Klein (Love Film) and Aron Gelbard (Bloom & Wild) today.

As we enter what some are calling the fourth education revolution, teaching and developing generic soft skills – including the specific skills of enterprise – will be of central importance to young people’s future success.

In 2018, we founded the West London Schools’ Entrepreneurs’ Partnership, Start-It to provide teaching, mentoring and meaningful opportunities for young people to become the next generation of entrepreneurs. Supported by our alumni and parent networks as well as our partner schools, we look to share our wisdom and experience with the young people involved, as they acquire the confidence and skills to start their own businesses. Crucially, the programme is open to, and promoted amongst, all of the young people in the local area. A key focus of the partnership is to foster collaboration between different groups of young people and to promote social enterprise.

Moving Forward – Local Area Learning Partnership Group

Our aim over the next five years is to build a local area learning partnership group with local schools from both the independent and maintained sectors. This will more effectively facilitate the programmes set out above and help ensure that we are sharing our expertise in educating those who are most academically able – and our pupils’ desire to engage – to its best effect whilst also learning from our colleagues in other teaching settings.

I found the experience of actually building the business and brainstorming ideas with new people extremely valuable and rewarding.
Year 11 Student, Fulham Boys School