Learning a modern foreign language enriches a pupil’s life both culturally and intellectually. In an ever-changing world in which communication is the key to success, it fosters curiosity, broadens horizons and opens the door to new opportunities both at home and abroad.

Pupils study French because of the strong historical and cultural ties which exist between the nations of England and France.

Pupils learn the basic structure of the language, develop their listening, reading and memory skills and improve the accuracy of their speaking and writing. By the end of their time at St Paul’s Juniors, pupils have laid excellent foundations for the study of any of the many modern foreign languages offered at St Paul’s.

Three full-time French teachers and one native assistant encourage the pupils to develop their language skills and improve their fluency. Conversation clubs, occasionally assisted by bilingual Paulines, further enhance articulacy and expression.

In the First Years we focus on oral work, with learning based around fun games and activities. From the Lower Second to Upper Third Years, pupils learn the language more formally. They build up a wide vocabulary which allows them to communicate with greater spontaneity and independence. Interactive language exercises are fully integrated in the curriculum. Highlights in the calendar include a French play, workshops and the “petit déjeuner français”.

Clubs and Enrichment

There are French clubs such as French Games and French Conversation every day of the week at St Paul’s Juniors.


Lower First and Upper First Year French Workshop
Lower Second Year French Fables
Lower Second Year French Fables
Lower Second Year French Fables
French Classroom
French Breakfast